McElroy fusion machines

McElroy – Made in the USA Since 1954

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, the McElroy brand name is recognised the world over as the most reliable, rugged, efficient and technologically advanced PE pipe butt-fusion equipment on the market today. It’s a simple yet ingenious process – using heat and pressure, McElroy fusion machines join pieces of thermoplastic pipe together. Although commonly used for fusing segments of HDPE pipes, our machines can be used to weld a variety of pipe types and sizes.

McElroy fusion machine repairs - Looking Out for Your Investment

To remain in good working condition and to have an extended life span, we recommend regular servicing of your McElroy equipment. Through the McElroy training facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, our personnel have been specifically trained to carry out repairs, servicing and maintenance of McElroy machinery.

Why Use McElroy Fusion Machines?

McElroy offers a superior brand experience – focusing on customer satisfaction by creating high-quality, durable products and excellent back-up and support.

  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO 12176-1 specifications
  • Standard machines range from 16mm to 1600mm
  • Custom-designed machines for specific projects available on request
  • Easy-to-use – pipe operating system can be worked by a single operator
  • Fast – up to ten welds per day have been achieved*
  • Accurate – design allows for more easily achieving pipe alignment
  • Able to control and monitor heat, soak, fuse and cool cycles
  • In-built data-logging – keeps a record of each fusion joint, to verify joint integrity
  • Robust – perfectly suited for harsh African conditions
  • Extensive range of downstream equipment components

*Water mains installation project, Boston, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, 2012. RHO-TECH has achieved seven successful welds per day on the Durban Harbour Sand Bypass project.

RHO-TECH boasts an extensive range of TracStar McElroy equipment – but if we don’t have exactly what you need for your HDPE welding jobs, we can order it in! Talk to us…

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