In-Field Work


HDPE Pipe Manufacturing and Installation

At our pipe extrusion plant in Hammarsdale, outside Durban, South Africa, we manufacture HDPE piping (16-630mm) of export quality. We butt fusion weld and install HDPE pipes from 16-1000mm for a host of applications, including temporary or fixed potable water, wastewater, sewage, natural gas and fuel transfer.

HDPE Butt Fusion Welding Services

Quality is a cornerstone of our brand promise. Our McElroy fusion welding machines have datalogging capabilities which allow us to measure and track the quality of each weld – enabling us to provide you with on-site certification of weld quality. In addition, we weld and install HDPE pipes in accordance with the following standards:

  • ISO 21307: 2011 – Plastic Pipes and Fittings: Butt Fusion Jointing Procedure for PE Pipes and Fittings Used in the Construction of Gas and Water Distribution Systems
  • ISO 12176: 2012 – Plastic Pipes and Fittings: Equipment for Fusion Jointing Polyethylene Systems, Part I: Butt Fusion. 

Rho-Tech has a wide range of McElroy fusion welding machines which can be rented out – complete with a fully certified machine operator. Ask about this service

Standards & Compliance

SANS and ISO Compliance

We work to national and international quality standards. Download our process standards here…