Vision & Policy


Why is it Important for a Company to Have a Vision and Mission Statement?

While we’re undoubtedly passionate about and committed to what we do, passion and commitment alone do not make a great company. What’s needed is an overarching policy which defines company goals, and sets out a strategy and tactics to achieve them. Our company vision and mission statements not only clarify our business direction, but also serve as an inspiration or motivation for all our team members – from senior management to the shop floor. Being united in our common vision, and clear on how we’re going to achieve it, opens up channels of communication, drives employee engagement, and instills a sense of pride in our individual and collective work… all of which ultimately translates into a better customer experience. And you thought it was just corporate gobbledygook!

Our Vision – Or What We’d Like to Achieve

  • Become the thermoplastic piping industry leader in South Africa – that is, the preferred brand name, associated with quality, excellence and innovation, as it relates to our products, services and business model
  • Conform to relevant industry standards and help educate role players – employees, clients, contractors and others – about the importance of maintaining such standards
  • Uplift our fellow employees, in doing so, uplifting their families and the communities around us
  • Minimise our carbon footprint by using superior technology and through making ethical and sustainable business decision

Our Mission – Or What We’re Doing, Every Day

  • Providing high quality products and services at competitive prices
  • Continuously working to improve product quality and functionality
  • Continuously working to improve the efficacy and efficiency of our services
  • Maintaining healthy, professional relationships with those with whom we interact, at all times
  • Maintaining an internationally recognised quality management system
  • Fully complying with a nationally recognised health, safety and environment system
  • Investing in people through training and skills development